Our Story

Pass A Level History was developed to help as many students as possible gain their highest grade at A Level History. Having tutored numerous students in recent years I found that many suffered with similar problems. This online course addresses those issues, providing a fundamental framework, from which students can achieve success. It also enables those unable to normally access private tuition to benefit from this knowledge.

Your Tutor

Course Tutor

Robert Hall

Having previously achieved A grades at A Level, I graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in History. Over the last six years, I have owned and managed a private tuition agency. During this time I have arranged private tuition for numerous clients alongside tutoring students myself. Throughout both my academic and professional career, I have continually developed methods that are effective at passing examinations with the highest grade possible. This process has given me a unique perspective when helping others achieve success. My background alongside my current experience make me ideally placed to help students prevail when studying history.

Why Pass A Level History?

There are a number of advantages to online learning that are integrated within our course companion.

  • PRICE - The cost of our online course companion is a fraction of what it would cost to gain this knowledge through numerous hours of private tuition lessons.

  • PERMANENCE - Our online lessons are always available. There is no need to worry if you have forgotten what the tutor said or didn't make notes. Go back to lessons to refresh your knowledge.

  • ACCESSIBILITY - Our course is available across your devices and can be accessed at your convenience. This expands learning from the classroom or tuition session to your everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pass A Level History and who can benefit from it?

    Pass A Level History is an online course showing you how to answer A Level History questions. This will help you achieve your highest possible grade at A Level History. All students will gain from using this course. There is a wealth of knowledge contained within. The more that you can learn to implement this knowledge, the better you will do.

  • How does Pass A Level History help me?

    Our course takes you step by step through answering A Level History questions, so that you understand the requirements, processes and techniques required to succeed at A Level History.

  • What happens if schools close and/or exams are cancelled due to Covid?

    In the event that either schools close or exams get cancelled, having Pass A Level History helps minimise disruption to your education and put you in the best position possible for things to come. If you are in Year 12, you will be able to continue to learn throughout term-time and be well placed for UCAS applications, Year 13, university and beyond. Your predicted grades will be judged by your teacher using evidence of performance in mocks, assessments and schoolwork. Through using Pass A Level History to understand A Level History assessments, you will perform better in all of these areas and receive better grades! You will then be less stressed over the summer and next year when everyone else is trying to catch up. If you are in Year 13 and exams get cancelled, your A Level grades will likely be awarded by teachers (using evidence of your work) or via mocks and assessments. By using Pass A Level History to support your studies, you will perform better in all of these areas and receive better grades!

  • I am in year 12 - why should I get Pass A Level History now (rather than wait for Year 13)?

    Using Pass A Level History in year 12 helps you to improve your A Level History work, meaning you will get better predicted grades and references for all important university applications. Furthermore, the more you can learn to implement the ideas and concepts within, the better you will perform overall. Getting Pass A Level History early gives you more time to learn and practise.

  • Where can I see the course syllabus?

    Please navigate to our home page and scroll down to see the current syllabus. We are also constantly adding more lessons and learning material.

  • How is the course delivered and how do I access the learning material?

    The course is delivered online through a series of video and audio lessons, alongside guide sheets. Once you have made payment of your one-off course fee then you have access to the course material.

  • How should I use the course to support my learning?

    Within the course there is a welcome module that includes advice about how best to use the course.

  • Do I need to be studying a certain exam board and/or modules to use the course?

    No. Whilst the examples used in course lessons are from AQA History, the principles apply across exam boards and syllabuses.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We offer a 7 day refund period for purchases if less than 20% of the total course material has been viewed. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.